B2B Marketing’s Makeover: We know who you are and what you want…

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3 min readSep 7, 2023


Picture this: You’re at your favorite coffee shop, sipping on a latte, and the barista remembers your name and exactly how you like your brew. That warm, fuzzy feeling? That’s what B2B marketing is starting to feel like these days. It’s less of a stiff boardroom handshake and more of a friendly, “Hey, remember me?” Let’s dive into this cozy world where B2B is borrowing a page or two from B2C’s playbook.

1. Personalization: No More “Dear Sir/Madam”

Remember when B2B emails felt like they were written by robots for robots? Not anymore! Now, it’s all about:

- Heartfelt Content: It’s like writing a letter to a friend about the challenges they face and how you can help.

- Bespoke Recommendations: Imagine a friend suggesting a book because they *know* you’ll love it. That’s B2B today, but with products.

- Websites with Personality: Websites now greet you like an old pal, remembering your last visit and showing you what you might like.

2. Corporate Gifting: It’s Not Just a Pen Anymore

Gifting in the B2B world used to be, well, boring. Now, it’s about:

- Gifts with a Soul: Think artisanal chocolates, handcrafted notebooks, or even a plant for their desk.

- Subtle Winks: A little branding here and there, but not screaming in your face.

- Perfect Timing: Gifts that pop up just when you need a pick-me-up or a reason to celebrate.

3. Enrichment: It’s Like Knowing Their Coffee Order

Data isn’t just numbers and graphs. It’s like knowing your client’s favorite coffee order or their dog’s name:

- Segmenting with Style: It’s about grouping clients by their quirks, needs, and dreams.

- Mass Personalization: It’s like sending out hand-written notes, but to hundreds at once.

- Sales with a Smile: Knowing more about your clients means conversations feel less like pitches and more like catch-ups.

4. Intent Data: Reading Between the Lines

It’s like being able to guess your friend’s next favorite song. With intent data:

- Warm Welcomes: You can spot who’s peeking through your digital window and invite them in for a chat.

- Smart Spending: It’s like buying a gift you *know* they’ll love, instead of taking a wild guess.

- Content with Flair: Write about what’s buzzing in their minds, not just what’s trending.

5. Deanonymization: From Shadows to the Spotlight

It’s like seeing someone at a party, knowing you’ve met before, and recalling their name and story:

- Hello, Again!: Recognizing and reaching out to those familiar faces browsing your site.

- Tailored Experiences: Like having their favorite drink ready as they walk in.

- Sales and Marketing Dance: It’s a tango where both partners know the steps and move in harmony.

In a Nutshell

B2B marketing is shedding its corporate suit for something more comfortable, maybe a snazzy casual jacket. It’s becoming more human, more relatable, and definitely more fun. So, the next time you think B2B, imagine a cozy coffee chat, not a cold corporate meeting. Cheers to the new age of B2B!



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